Dr. Victor H. Nettle


D.Sc., Electrical Engineering, Washington University, 1972
M.S.,  Electrical Engineering, St. Louis University,  1968
B.S.,  Electrical Engineering, St. Louis University,  1966


Dr Nettle has 52 years of experience in the engineering development,
design, and analysis of electronic circuits.  Dr Nettle is currently designing laser drivers and associated electronics under the name Power Drivers.  Power Drivers has designed and manufactured laser drivers for a number of
customers since 1993.  These customers include Lockheed,
McDonnell Douglas (Boeing), Rockwell International, Cutting Edge
Optronics, Laser Power Optics, Nuvonyx, and several others.

Prior to that Dr Nettle worked in the electronic circuit prototyping lab of laser
systems at McDonnell Douglas Laser Systems Co. In the course of his
employment Dr Nettle developed hundreds of versions of transistorized driver
circuits for laser diodes and laser diode bar arrays. Dr Nettle has also worked on high data rate electro-optic laser modulator drivers.

Dr Nettle designed special high data rate digital optical communications electronics in support of the Short Pulsed Laser Modulation Techniques contract for the Air Force Avionics Laboratory. Dr Nettle has many years of experience in the
design of modulators and demodulators for use in pulse position, pulse
interval modulation, and other types of communications systems.

Dr Nettle has experience with both transistor and SCR pulsed magnetron
modulators and has designed high power, high frequency pulse transformers for pulsed radar and for Q-switching lasers. Dr Nettle has built circuits to measure sequence lengths of PN generators for all possible two-input feedback
configurations using "exclusive or" and "coincidence" feedback. Dr Nettle has
designed active filters used in control loops and in signal processing activities and has also designed high frequency tuned power amplifiers, low-noise wide band preamplifiers, and multi-gigabit data rate logic circuits.

Dr Nettle's dissertation work was a study of flat panel displays, including possible configurations of x-y addressable light emitting diode matrices. Dr Nettle designed and constructed an operational 32x32 element light emitting diode TV
monitor and oscilloscope display as part of this project.



52 years of experience in the engineering development,
design, and
analysis of electronic circuits

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